Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quilt tops

After my daughter, Pati, died in September 2006, my younger daughter, Traci, suggested making quilts for her (Traci's) children from Pati's flannel pajamas. In January '08 I started the process, finally. I cut all the pajama bottoms & tops into 5" squares and 1/2 squares. We had enough squares to make two quilt tops each approximately 60" x 90". One top is complete and the other still needs the rows sewn together. Here is a picture of the quilt top for my grandson along with a picture of my daughter. If you look hard (click on the picture) you will see the squares from the pajamas she is wearing in the picture. This quilt top used the majority of blue fabrics trying to get a more "masculine" quilt for the grandson. The other top is made of mainly pink fabrics. Only thing now is my daughter is expecting another child in the spring. I think I may have one pajama top and one bottom that I found after sewing these. I could probably make a baby size blanket for the new grandchild.
Note: there was some misunderstanding that the quilts are for Pati's children. (Pati had no children) The quilts are for Traci's children. (just thought I'd clarify that)


Carolyn said...

What a sweet idea your daughter had to give these children a rememberance of their mom. Good job gram

Dionne said...

What a wonderful way to give your grandchildren a cozy momento from their auntie!