Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quilt shop trip

After a recent trip to Bird-In-Hand and Lancaster, PA, I found myself wanting to do some sewing. I had purchased a small key chain made from a tiny log cabin quilt square. My friend and I both bought one and talk of how easy this would be to make. One night after returning home I set out to make one and was it quick & easy!! This picture is of some I made.

I posted a picture of all I had made on Stashbusters, and had requests for the instructions. So here they are...
LOG CABIN SQUARE KEY CHAIN – I did not create this idea. I just made some after buying one.
Start with 1” strips of five colors, I originally cut all strip 6" long, and a piece of scrap about 3" x 6" for the back and loop. Center color is the only one I cut to size. It is 1” x 1”. I used approx. ¼” seam. (that’s about what the edge of my presser foot is)

Sew the center and first strip together, trim to the length of the center, press open

Using the same strip stitch it to the end of the previous piece, press open

Continue around sewing the strips on the block, trimming and pressing until square is completed

Backside and the loop for the key chain: From the 3" x 6" scrap cut the following – 1 piece 1” and two pieces about 2.5”. I just cut the small piece off and then cut the remaining piece in half.

Take the smaller piece and fold the long edges to the center, press, then fold together in the center. Press. I do not stitch this. Cut to about 1” in length. This will be the loop for the key chain/ring to be attached

On the larger pieces fold over about ¼” on one side of each piece and stitch. Note: I just noticed that the one I purchased was not stitched, just folded over and pressed.

Lay the large pieces face up, one on top of the other, overlapping the stitched edges as needed to make the piece the size of the square. Note: this will create the opening for turning the square inside right.
Note: I changed the color of the loop to show the placement. Fold the loop piece in half. Lay it at the corner of the last strip. I center the folded edge right at the corner, then stitch the length of the loop to hold it in place. The stitching will be removed later. I stitch it to keep it from shifting.

Lay the log cabin square right side down on the back piece. Stitch completely around the square. Trim seam and corners.

Turn piece inside right pushing out the corners and removing the stitching on the loop. Many times my loop has been too long or just does not look right. If this happens take out a few of the corner stitches and slide the loop in or out as needed or straighten it out.

Finished piece measures about 2”


Sharyn said...

Nicely shown, thanks! Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Cher said...

thanks for sharing this fun little block turned into a keychain!

Joyce Schermerhorn said...

Very cute keychains! Thank you for posting the tutorial.